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geo9 groundwater exploration team

Geo9 is a team of innovative geoscientists. Geo9’s team includes exploration geologists, hydrogeologists, remote-sensing and geophysical experts.Our work includes desktop geological studies, ground-based geophysical surveys, interpreting geophysical data and supervising drilling. The founding members of Geo9 are pictured here (from left to right, Maya Sydney, Paul Ferguson, James Luders and Michael Cook) and first worked together in groundwater exploration in 2002. 

Paul Ferguson Chief Scientist

Paul has over 20 years experience as a senior geologist conducting exploration programs and supervising drilling programs in minerals and groundwater projects throughout Australia, China and western Mongolia. He has also worked in field, laboratory and data management roles at Geoscience Australia. Paul has conducted extensive fieldwork and research into the tectonic evolution and hydrothermal history of Macquarie Island in the sub-Antarctic, and the evolution of the Queensland Coast and Great Barrier Reef. Paul is a co-founder of Geo9 and has worked throughout Australia conducting groundwater exploration surveys. Over the past 5 years, Paul has lead a highly active R&D effort applying new geophysical approaches to mapping groundwater interconnectivity, contamination plumes, mine pit mapping and dam seepage.


Over the past 10 years, Michael has assessed the groundwater potential of over 500 properties around Australia. He has also researched and authored a detailed assessment of a coal seam gas exploration area. Michael provides the office-based GIS (Geographic Information Systems) analysis and assessments for Geo9's groundwater exploration programs. He also conducts reconnaissance trips and joins field operations when time permits. Prior to starting Geo9, Michael worked as a researcher at Macquarie University in Sydney.

James Luders Exploration Geologist

James is a highly experienced exploration and underground mine geologist with over 20 years experience in Australia, Vanuatu and China. Over the past 10 years, he has also conducted geophysical surveys for groundwater assessments in Queensland, Victoria and NSW including waterborne studies to identify irrigation canal and dam seepage. When not in the field on Geo9 projects or minerals exploration contracts, James co-manages the family farm near Gundagai in NSW and is active in the Tumut River Landowners Association.


Hamid has worked as a hydrogeologist in the Middle East and Australia, participating and leading groundwater hydrological projects in both the mining and water resources sectors. He has worked on a variety of multidisciplinary projects in mining, dams, hydropower, environment and with water authorities. Hamid obtained a Bachelor of Science in Geology at the Mashhad University in Iran and a Masters degree in Hydrogeology at Shiraz University. Hamid is based with Geo9 in Perth.

Maya Sydney Managing Director

Maya is the hub of Geo9 from our office in Sydney.  Following early studies in medicine at Sydney University, Maya switched to communications and spent most of her professional life in information and consulting companies. In 2002 she managed a water prospecting company which fired her passion for helping people with finding groundwater. Maya enjoys the daily challenge of making geological and other geophysical knowledge accessible to non-specialists such as herself. Still a little shy, but on twitter @msdivine or you will find occassional updates on the Geo9 Facebook page

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