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World-first GRACE Satellite Monitoring Service

Geo9 is proud to be part of the team making GRACE satellite data commercially available for the first time. Read more about this new opportunity for monitoring the big picture on water from SPACE with GRACE.


Geo9 is pleased to publish this announcement regarding our appointment as agent for the GFZ. Read more here.

Geo9 has been appointed an agent for GFZ GERMAN CENTRE FOR GEOSCIENCES

Geo9 was recently appointed an agent for the GFZ GERMAN CENTRE FOR GEOSCIENCES. Full announcement to follow shortly.

Farmers of the Future collect Geo9 data


Farmers of the Future at Farrer Agricultural High School

Thrilled with the enthusiastic response to the technology from Farrer Agricultural High School students in Tamworth NSW in July 2016. Watch the local TV news and read the Northern Daily Leader story

World first mapping trial for Tasmanian tin mine

Geo9 is pleased to announce the establishment of a collaborative research and development project with mining company Elementos. The project, commencing in April 2016, will evaluate the application of Geo9’s innovative geophysical mapping systems at the Cleveland Mine site. Read more in Australian Mining here

News from Central Queensland August 2014

“Geo9 leads the way in water exploration" Very nice to be recognised at http://www.cqnews.com.au/news/hi-tech-divining/2351878/ and http://www.cqnews.com.au/news/wheres-water/2341727/

Lochington Drought Forum

Lochington Recreation Centre - August 7, 9.30am
Bring a plate for smoko
Listen to Maya’s interview with Jacquie Mackay on ABC Capricornia here

Paul and ValGeo9 presents @ ANCOLD/NZSOLD 2013

Geo9’s Paul Ferguson presented case studies for detecting dam seepage with electroseismic geophysics at the ANCOLD/NZSOLD large dams conference in Rotorua. Photographed here with our partner Val Gardner from Willowstick.

Community Science Hotline

During the Queensland flood events in early 2012, a gas seep hotline was set up by Geo9 for communities to contribute to a better scientific understanding of methane seepage. We received a number of calls but did not publish results as not all seep locations were verified. Any interested party is welcome to call Maya in the office on 02 9011 7770 to discuss further.

Geo9’s Work Presented at European Geoscientists Association Event in Paris

Renowned British environmental geophysicist Professor Peter Styles recognised the innovative nature of Geo9’s application of electrokinetic seismic technology. Results from our fieldwork in Western Australia in 2012 were presented to a workshop of the European Association of Geoscientists in Paris in September 2012.

Winter field program 2012 Winter Field Program in South West WA

In September, Geo9  completed our winter field program in south west Western Australia. Drilling is scheduled to commence before the start of 2013.

Surat Basin NewsGeo9 in Surat Basin News

We were pleased to feature in the 21 June 2012 edition of the Surat Basin News to explain how we tackle the issue of groundwater impacts from coal seam gas and other mining activity in Australia. Click here to view the article.

WILLOW STICK SURVEYORWorld’s only Willowstick Surveyor

Geo9 has been appointed the world’s first independent Willowstick surveyor. This Utah-based technology has been around since the mid-1990’s and Geo9 are pleased to be the only company authorised to independently conduct their surveys. Read more about Willowstick technology here.

News Archive

Surat Basin News, 21 June 2012

Albany Advertiser, 2012

Tamworth Country Leader 2009, Divining a better way to find good groundwater

Leeton Irrigator 200, Science helps find water

ABC Radio 2009, Interview with Geo9 Chief Geologist Paul Ferguson about Science vs Divining for Locating Groundwater

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