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Geo9 has unique capabilities in dam seepage studies for large and small dams using geophysics and groundwater tracing technologies.

Willowstick is an established magnetometric resistivity technique from the US that has been used widely for dam seepage studies for over 15 years. Geo9 first introduced Willowstick to Australia in late 2008 and landmark seepage investigations for major water utilities in Victoria and New South Wales were conducted in 2011. This included what was at the time the longest dam embankment study ever completed using this technique.

Geo9 has also applied seismoelectric and electrotelluric technology and completed projects for water board, irrigators and other land developers. Geo9’s Chief Scientist Paul Ferguson presented on this topic to The Australian National Committee on Large Dams (ANCOLD / NZSOLD ) 2013 conference. Previously, a paper describing the history of geotechnical investigations culminating in Geo9 ‘s Willowstick survey for Melbourne Water in 2011 was a published paper at the ANCOLD 2011 conference. Interested parties are welcome to contact us for these papers.

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