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Geo9’s groundwater exploration service is scientifically advanced and affordable.  Take the guesswork out of drilling and groundwater management with our expert geological advice and 3D aquifer maps.

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Drill well with Geo9. Our scientific approach is highly successful for finding bore water for farmers, industrial groundwater users, land managers, rural property purchase, town supplies. If you prefer science to superstition, you will find that our methodical process will answer all the questions you’ve ever had about your property.
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Interconnectivity Studies

Detailed 3D understanding of aquifer parameters.
Mapping, modelling and monitoring of aquifers with a level of detail and insight available only from Geo9. Read more about applications in mining and industry.
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Dam Seepage and Flowpath Mapping. Geo9 introduced the ‘Willowstick’ flowpath mapping service to Australia to conduct landmark studies for major Australian water authorities. Read more about our studies for mapping dam seepage and contaminated site flowpaths.

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Some clients have paid for all or part of Geo9's service with Federal and State drought assistance benefits  - check the latest information here drought assistance rebate

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Geo9 has moved to Level 9, 189 Kent St,  Sydney NSW 2000. Come and visit when downtown!

Geo9's R&D has been extremely fruitful over the past few years. Successful completion of projects have included demonstration of our approach for regional studies of groundwater systems, aquifer mapping for a mine and contaminated site investigations. Call Maya in the office to discuss your requirement.

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